Are you ready to enjoy dating again?

Are you ready to enjoy dating again?

Are you ready to enjoy dating again?

If your answer is yes, but you’re unsure of if this is possible because you believe that your divorce has made you “damaged goods,” you are in the right place.

I work with intelligent, independent, and resilient divorced women, like you, who are insecure about getting back into the dating world.

Dating has completely morphed into an outrageous technology-fueled ordeal from the last time they were single, and they aren’t sure how to guarantee that they make this second chance at the dating life they’ve always wanted count. They have newfound confidence in almost every other part of their lives, but when it comes to dating they feel undesirable, hopeless, and completely lost.

Together, we apply powerful tools to their lives that help them to understand what they want, confront their fears, and ultimately feel confident while dating.

Ready to feel confident about dating?

Get started with the a FREE Mini-Session

Our Mini Session

Join me for a FREE 30-minute coaching session. It’s as simple as hopping on the phone so we can dive into what’s keeping you from being confident in your current dating life. If we’re a good fit, we can talk about your options for continuing to work with me.

After our Mini Session, you will:

  • Understand the exact reason why you’ve been feeling insecure about dating after divorce, and how it’s affecting you.
  • Learn at least one tip or tool you can try out right away to feel more confident on dates.
  • Know about the process I take my clients through to help them ensure once and for all that being divorced doesn’t affect their dating life, they’re aware of what they really want, and they know how to be confident regardless of their dating situation.

Ready to finally have the dating life you’ve been craving?

Book a Mini-Session Now!

Ready to finally have the dating life you’ve been craving?

Book a Mini-Session Now!

You might be wondering…

Why is this free?
Is she just going to try to sell me stuff?
Is she going to judge me?
Do we really coach on the phone?

I feel you, and quite honestly would be thinking the same things. Here are my unfiltered answers.

  • Coaching is extremely personal. It’s important for us to coach so we can both decide if we’d like to continue coaching together. Let’s chat, find out what you are looking for, and how I can help.
  • No. The point of this session is not just to sell you something. We both benefit from the mini session. You get some free help, I get to share my tools with another person, and we both get to determine whether we’re a good fit for future sessions together.
  • Absolutely not. My number one priority is making sure you feel supported and safe. You are free to tell me as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. I am here to offer you an unbiased perspective regardless of what you decide to share with me.
  • Yes, with an option for video calls if you’re more comfortable being face to face. This might be foreign at first, but I promise after we start getting into the coaching you’ll feel normal and at ease.

I know that I have tools that can teach you how to finally feel confident about dating again, however without meeting you I’ll never know the magic combination of tools that will ensure that you keep that confidence for the rest of your life. Just because you’re divorced doesn’t mean you should be insecure about dating. Join me for a free mini-session and I’ll show you the way.

Do you know which tools you need to shake your dating insecurities?

If not, schedule your free mini session to find out.

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