Self Care Isn’t Always Oils and Baths

Self-care isn’t always oils and baths.
Sometimes, it is seeing who you are and giving yourself permission to be.
It is setting boundaries and saying no.
Self-love is knowing your worth and not having guilt about doing you.
~Simi Fromen

Sometimes, we are our biggest obstacles in evolving into the highest versions of ourselves.

We define ourselves by events in our past.
We hold on to who we used to be in an attempt to please others.

You will never become the best version of yourself if you feel guilty about showing up in the world as you.

You have to give yourself permission to exist.
You have to set boundaries and say no.
You have to know your worth.

You and only you are responsible for prioritizing and caring for yourself.

How will you take care of yourself today?
How will you give yourself permission to be?

How will you love yourself so you don’t feel guilty about doing you?

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