Do you feel insecure when you think about dating?

Girl, I feel you. When I finally thought I might be ready to start dating after my divorce I felt a quick burst of excitement, only to be followed up by absolute terror and extreme cynicism.

After my divorce I realized I didn’t know anything about dating.

The whole world of dating had completely changed since the last time I was single. It seemed like the thing to do now was meet people on apps which made me feel wildly uncomfortable and out of touch (not to mention the sheer number of dating apps made my head spin), plus I couldn’t see a reason why anyone would want to date someone who had already been married and divorced at my age.

I felt like I was damaged goods, trying to date in a pool of men I was convinced were the rejects of the world.

I exhausted every Google search about dating I could think of…

How do you know when you’re ready to start dating?
Am I too old to find someone I don’t have to “settle” for?
How are you supposed to act on dates?

And of course…

How do I tell this stranger that I’m divorced and not seem like a total dysfunctional psycho?

I kept searching and searching hoping there would be a magical article or book that would transform me and give me all the answers I needed to become confident in my dating life, but I found that no one was talking about this middle piece between getting over your divorce and dating someone new. I felt alone, misunderstood, and hopeless about ever feeling confident about dating again.

Today my life is radically different.

I no longer feel anxious when I think about dating. I don’t indulge in feeling like I’m a failure at relationships or embarrassment about the fact that I’m divorced.

When I go on a date I’m confident, feel desirable, and maintain the independence I worked hard to rebuild after my divorce.

My divorce has no effect over my dating life.

I have so much compassion and empathy for the woman I was, and for the thousands of women who are starting to date after being divorced. It is scary. It is new. It is different than what most people you know are going through, but here’s the secret I want to share:

The fact that you’re divorced doesn’t have to have any influence over how confident you feel dating. Period.

Once I discovered this secret I knew I wanted to share it with as many divorced women as I could reach. I left my corporate job to get my Life and Weight coaching certification from The Life Coach School.

It has become my mission to help divorced women bridge the gap between being over their divorce and feeling confident in their dating lives.

I have developed a program so I can teach you the tools you need to help free yourself of thinking you’re damaged goods and show you how to confidently embrace the dating life you have been wanting to experience.

You’re my favorite woman to work with because you’ve been through some shit and are still standing.

You’re a complete badass who has rediscovered and rebuilt your independence from scratch. You’re tough and you have grit. You’ve redefined yourself and are thriving almost everywhere but your dating life. You’re still hopeful about love and creating the life you want with someone else even though you’d rather die than say it out loud.

I’m not here to help you get over your divorce, or tell you which dating site to use, or play matchmaker for that matter.

I’m here to show you how you can feel confident in your dating life regardless of the fact that you’re divorced.

By the end of our time together, you will have every tool you need to fight away those post-divorce insecurities and finally have the dating life you want.

I only work with women who are ready and fully committed to themselves and the work we’ll be doing together.

I am available to you wherever you are. We’ll coach over video chat or phone, with an option for email coaching should any dating emergencies arise. You can count on me to be there for you.

We’ll meet over a free 30 minute mini-session. On this call, I’ll coach you on something you’re struggling with and teach you a tool you can use to finally move forward. You’ll be able to take what you learn and use it to boost your confidence on your next date.

Really, free and no obligation other than to show up 100%, ready to work.

I can teach you how to create confidence in your dating life.

Are you ready to learn?

I can teach you how to create confidence in your dating life.

Are you ready to learn?

I’m ready to help you feel confident about dating after divorce. Are you?

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