For divorced women who are ready to learn how to enjoy dating again.

Are you emotionally ready to start dating again?


  • "You can hear things a million times, but until you're ready to hear it from a great teacher/mentor, you won't get to your "aha" moment. However, Lindsey was that person for me! So thankful for learning about her and her services at a time when I needed to take a step back and look at how I was approaching my everyday. Lindsey helped me break down my past thoughts and guided me on how to approach situations in the present and future, which has been extremely freeing and will serve me well for years to come."

    Jonna C. San Francisco
  • "Lindsey is an adept, insightful and resourceful coach for anyone transitioning from “being married” to “being single again”. Under her observation and keen insight I was able to feel empowered by my circumstance. I realized that I am in control of my destiny, in my dating life and otherwise. Because of Lindsey’s guidance and thoughtful assignments, I was able to successfully make the move from feeling hopeless to feeling excited, free and in-control."

    Betsy A. New York City
  • I always enjoyed my sessions with Lindsey -- her patience, positivity and encouraging attitude was what I needed. I loved all the tips and techniques that she taught me and I even shared some with my loved ones. I learned things that I didn't know about myself. It is awesome to discover how you are far better than what you think :). Highly recommend.

    Amal M. Boston
  • "I didn't know where to turn when I started having anxiety and panic attacks, and I am so glad I found Lindsey! Her practice really embodies the "If you give a man a fish he eats for a night but if you teach him to fish he eats for life" philosophy. I wasn't just a passive participant in her analysis, she taught me how to analyze myself! I haven't had one panic attack since working with Lindsey, and it is so empowering to know that the knowledge I have gained can be applied to all areas of my life."

    Lindsea W. Los Angeles

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